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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Stone, Stella and Sol

In yesterday's listing of Buzzy family special days in August, I overlooked a couple of very important ones both of which will occur on 8 August.

My Grandson Stone will be celebrating his one year old birthday with his Mom Caitie, Dad Brady and big brother Blaise.  Happy Birthday to a happy boy!  

My In-laws and housemates Stella and Sol Aroesty will be celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary also on the 8th of August.  Congrats to them for such a long run together and best wishes for many more anniversaries to comePhoto below was part of a family photo taken at their wedding.  Sol is on the left as Stella is seated between her father Theodore and Mother Palomba.

And speaking of interesting names for folks, Pat Woodburn wrote a good article on the subject in the current edition of the Historical Society's Chronicles. In addition to discussing the many unique nicknames for folks here in the County, Pat mentions how last names were often used as middle names for folks. He wrote: "And almost a guarantee of local culture was the use of a surname for a middle name to commemorate a 
Thank you Pat for including Stone in there with such a great group.

Nice song/video to play on an endless summer day like today:

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