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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Health Department Report

Here is the report that the Health Department Specialist filed following last Thursday night's Covid Enforcment  inspection of Buzzy's Country Store.  Note the asterisked items that he discusses below in his Comments/Other Observations.

To comply with the recommendations in the report, I have restricted seating at the bar top to 6 stools.  Additionally, I have spaced a couple other bar stools 6 feet apart.  However, as I explained to the Specialist's supervisor Monday morning that with only 600 sq ft in Buzzy's to begin with, there is only so much social distancing I can do to begin with.

Same goes for the recommendation to install a second seating area.  This additional table would have to be at least 6 feet away from the current bar top.  I am going to ask some of my Buzzy Engineers to think about it and see what we can come up with.  

Saturday night, an individual representing a Resist Mask group visited Buzzy's and left me some documents saying that masks were not effective and that no law exists saying the wearing of one is mandatory.   

I wasn't there to discuss any of this with the lady pushing these theories, but had I been there it would have been a very short conversation.  Not only am I 100% supportive of all of these measures, but also I have no intention of challenging the County Health Department's authority to enforce these requirements.  The Health Department is right up there with EF Hutton and my wife - when they speak I listen.   

This was obviously a pre-Covid commercial, but it does bring up a good/bad thing about having to sit 6 feet apart in a restaurant: you can't hear what's being said by the people at the table next to you!

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