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Friday, August 14, 2020

Go Drink Some Wine

Events around the County are slowing coming back including a couple this weekend at Generations Vineyard.  This is from their FB page (click here.)

And then tomorrow they are having the following event featuring yoga and wine:

Generations Vineyard is located at the Wheatleys Content Farm on St. Andrews Church Road.  It  is operated by the Norris sisters Cindy and Amy shown here with their partners Michael and Tom (click here for the back story of how they founded and started the business.)   
Since we're talking tasting some wine, check out the current Beverage Journal's cover story:

The article discusses how wine tastings throughout the world have been impacted by the virus (click here and scroll down to Page 11.)  It also discusses how wine makers and vendors are adjusting to today's environment.  It's nice to see Generations Winery making those adjustments and continuing to operate as they are in such trying times.   Swing by and support them as much as you can.

As for some music, Jimmy wrote this drinking-some-wine-tune while sitting at Mallory Square in Key West watching the sun go down.


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