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Friday, July 10, 2020

Things to Do

B.C. (Before Coronavirus) I would try to use Fridays here on the Buzzyblog to post about events and things happening not only around the County but in particular in South County.  My not-so-subtle motive was to encourage folks to get out and attend these events and then perhaps also pay a visit to Buzzy's.  As we all know, the virus business cancelled all that.  Plus I was closed for almost 3 months. 

However, things and events are slowly bouncing back and there are several events planned for this coming weekend.  Note that the County has an excellent website that tells you what's going on where throughout the County.  As stated, here on the Buzzyblog I'm in a southern state of mind.

First up for those of you still not wanting to venture out too much nor too far, there is the Virtual River Concert Series.  It  allows you to have your musical cake and digest it at home without leaving home (click here.)  What's the old line "some people take trips and never move."

Then on Saturday morning back at the College there is a non-virtual gig they're calling Pop Up Yoga (click here.)  (If I were to try and attend this, I would suggest that they also have a Prop Up Yoga session for all us old farts.)   Saturday also features the Homegrown Market you can visit in Hermanville open 9-1 (click here.)

Sunday in Ridge, the KoC is sponsoring their chicken dinner carry out starting at noon.  Little advice - go early.   

And don't forgot the Trossbachs' as in the Family Meat Farm  and the Produce Stand.  The Meat shop is in Dameron and is open Friday evening and Saturday morning (click here.)  The Produce Stand in Scotland is open daily 9 - 6.  

I should play the Darius song I referenced above; but since I think I did so recently instead, I'll talk about my favorite Elton tune. 

For some reason yesterday as I was cleaning and stocking up the Store, Classic Vinyl played a number of Elton tunes.  (In addition to the usual 30 that they play over and over.)   When this tune began to play I had to stop for a sec as it took me back to a place and a time in my mind when life was much easier, far simpler and I was young and in love.  Fittingly enough though, I was just about to clean the toilet when Elton sang "how wonderful life is when you're in my world" and I thought - man, things sure do change over time don't they?  Eventually, I was able to smile about it all though as I thought - it really is a little bit funny.   This is your song.  

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