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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Pier 450

Photo Cathy Austin

I had the pleasure of visiting with my friend Peggy Binzel at her Pier 450 Restaurant yesterday and took these photos.

A Little Trim, Some Chairs and Tables and Pier 450 is Ready To Serve You
Peggy is in the home stretch of opening her new restaurant which formerly was Scheible's.  (The motel side of the operation has been up and running for a couple months now.)  

Pier 450 also has an excellent Facebook page (click here.)   Take a minute to scroll thru their FB page you can see the progress and the amount of work that's been done in restoring the fabled Scheible's Restaurant and Motel.  What you won't see are all of the behind-the-scenes hassles and problems surmounted in securing the proper approvals and permits to get Pier 450 up and running.  

But hey the future looks bright and it sure was great to see Scheible's restored and almost back to being open again.  Great job Peggy and all the other folks who have worked so diligently on the effort.  Can't wait to visit you again when you are officially open for business.

And since I mentioned this, guess I ought to play it right?

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