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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Opening Day Tonight

Rich Brewer Photo
Good photo here of Lindy McKay and Ernie Bell at Buzzy's Country Store reviewing Lindy's baseball scrapbook.  Lindy's wife Shirley put the collection together several years ago and it contains an unofficial history of baseball and softball in the County.  
I don't know for certain if Shirley included this Donkey Baseball 1976 hi light of Lindy's great ball career but I found it some time ago in the Enterprise's archives (click on link below photo.)
I mention this for two reasons: one to recognize Lindy as "Mr. Baseball" here in the County and two because MLB's season begins tonite.  Our World Series Champs the Nationals are playing the Yankees featuring a pitching duel between Max Scherzer vs. new Yankee Gerrit Cole.

For all you die hard fans, George Will has a very tough, 38 question baseball quiz for you to take (click here).  Other than Stable Genius 45 being able to ace it with no problems (or at least saying that he aced it,) I doubt that many other folks could!

I've played the original Talking Baseball several times before but check out the Simpson's talking Homer, Ozzie and the Straw.  See how many of their references you can recall:

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