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Friday, July 24, 2020


Visitation and funeral  today for Myrtle Faunce who passed away Saturday at the age of 96. 

Of all the folks who have spent some time in Buzzy's Country Store thru the years, Myrtle was one of the more memorable.  To read her obituary (click here.)  The obit does a great job of telling you about Myrtle and her amazing life story.    

Included in the obit is mention of Myrtle's 15 minutes of national fame when in March of 2006 she and Buzzy made the front page of the Washington Post as follows.
(For a better view of the above photo and an earlier post I did on this (click here.) To read the complete Post story (click here.))

I quoted Bob's namesake to my Mom the other day as she talked about not planning on going to go quietly when it's time for her to punch out.  I teased her "Why should you change your ways now?"  She just laughed.  

Here then is the original Dylan reciting his classic take on how to slip away or maybe that should read - on how NOT to slip away.

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