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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Last PSA - Do Something!

One last PSA-related post for you and then I'll find something else to waste your time accordingly.  Ironically, that is what this post is about.  Read on.    

I have noticed that even in Buzzy's Country Store many conversations will often involve this or that Facebook item or video that someone has seen and passed along.  Several conversations will begin with some variation of "Hey, that was a good post you put on Facebook; I hit the like button for it."  Seems that Facebook has become the new source of information and entertainment for many folks.  

Remember when there were complaints and concerns about all us boomers wasting too much time watching T-V?  (Quick aside here - have you encountered "Boomer remover" being passed around as the unofficial nickname for the corona virus (if not click here.)  Like the guy said "Hey, wait a minute, I resemble that remark!")

But back to time spent on our phones and/or PC's checking things out: this PSA nailed it pretty good:
Think I'm gonna go do something.

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