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Friday, July 31, 2020

Doreen, Dana and Their Dogs

Photo by Doreen Anderson
They came into Buzzy's Country Store earlier this week and informed me that they have the Mary Lou Troutman Buzzy print on their kitchen wall (above.)  Nothing too unusual about that because folks will often make similar comments to me along those lines.  

But what made Doreen and Dana Anderson's version of owning the print special is that despite them having owned it for many years, they never really knew where Buzzy's was located until they drove past it on the way from their home in Cecil County to camp at Point Lookout.  Doreen explained it in the following email:    

Just wanted to thank you for your time earlier this week when my husband and I stopped by your store.  It was a pretty neat experience to just happen upon the store after owning one of the prints all these years. Such a special little place. Here are some of the photos I took of my dogs in front of Buzzy's, as well as a shot of the print I own.  I also made a post on your fb page with a few more photos. As silly as it may seem, it was a highlight of our little mini vacation.  It seemed appropriate too, since we are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this weekend.  

I kept telling my husband I wished that I had an old red wagon with me to pose the pups in out in front of the store. That would make a neat photo! Maybe you can park one out front by your sign for folks to "borrow" for future photo ops! Lol. Just a thought 

It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you well. 


Doreen Anderson 

To see Doreen's FB entry (click here.)  This is what she wrote there:

 Here are a couple of the photo's she included:

OK - No telling any jokes about Buzzy's going to the dogs!

P.S.  After Doreen had left the Store following her purchase of the Buzzy shirts, I told Lisa Mercure about the above story and she suggested I put it on the Buzzyblog.  Thanks to her suggestion I was able to hurry out to Doreen and Dana as they were pulling away and give them  my email address.  Thank you Lisa!  And of course thank you Doreen and Dana!  

Music wise, since we're talking dogs here, did you know that Elvis' Hound Dog was another one of those songs that featured the 3 chords E-A-D?

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