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Friday, July 17, 2020

Beer and Coin Shortages

Having endured shortages ranging from masks to meat with toilet paper thrown in there somewhere too, what else is in short supply?    

Well, lemme tell you: coins and beer, one of which concerns me and one of which does not.  (Sorta reminds of that 60's poster I once had on a wall somewhere "Pot will get you through times with no money better than money with no pot will."  Same principle here with wrt coins and beer.)

First let's talk about the one I am not worried about - shortage of coins.  You may have seen signs like this at store entries.

Just the other day as I was social distancing in line at the bank, I overheard a lady ahead of me complaining to the teller about not being able to get enough change to operate her business.   The teller informed the lady "Ma'am, we can't get enough change.  It's being rationed to us and we just don't have enough of it to hand out."  

Turns out that this is another corona virus off shoot in that with people staying home and businesses being shut down for an extended period of time, coins are just not in circulation and hence are in short supply. For a good article on this (Click here.)  

As stated though I am not worried too much about this particular shortage because I hate making change on any sales involving coins anyway.  In Buzzy's Country Store I try not to give back any pennies, nickels nor dimes in change to customers.  Regardless the amount of the cash sale, I will  round down to the nearest quarter and go from there change wise.  Buzzy probably does another flip in his grave every time I "lose" money like that on a sale, but I just don't feel like fooling around with any pennies, nickels and dimes.  What's the old saying "You will never get a penny out of me?"  Well, you'll never get a penny, nickel nor a dime outta me, at least when I'm giving you back change.  
Whereas I don't care a damn about a coin shortage, conversely, the beer shortage is another matter entirely.  Now we're talking some serious shortage shit here and I'm all in on this one.  

First off, there is no shortage of beer; the shortage is the aluminum cans to put the beer in.  

Pre-virus, this issue had sort of been brewing  (couldn't resist making that pun) ever since His Nibs put the tariffs on steel and aluminum (click here.)  Because of that stable genius move, the beverage industry was already trying to work through aluminum supply issues but when the virus hit, it really sent things for a loop.  

The virus-spawned closing of bars and restaurants drove drinkers to liquor stores to purchase cans and cases of their favorite beers to take and drink at home.  Complicating things, can makers' factories shut down because of the virus and that further reduced the supply and availability of cans  (click here.)  Low supply and high demand usually means that something's got to give.  Voila - a shortage of cans and now a shortage of beer.  (Even bottles are experiencing some supply issues but not as bad as the can side of the house.)  

At Buzzy's I had received a tip awhile back that this beer shortage was coming and tried to stock up as best I could given my limited storage space in the walkin box.  Thus, I still have some inventory on hand that will hopefully tide me over until things can get back to normal.  

Bottom line, we are living in some very strange times aren't we?  Maybe a little too strange.  Whatcha gonna do?

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Linda said...

Glad I’m drinking bottles! Hope that doesn’t become an issue.