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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Mom and Bob

Speaking of Bob yesterday reminded me of an exchange I had with my Mom the week before last.  

When I visited her she was watching the ETWN Catholic channel.  I made some comment about her not watching Trump who at the time was talking to reporters in the Rose Garden.  She sighed and said "He used to amuse me but after awhile just being stupid isn't all that amusing.  So I have quit watching him and the news."  

Knowing that Trump always riles her up and makes her blood boil, I suggested that she needs to stay up on things just to know what's going on.  Again she sighed and said "I used to care, but now I don't."

Trying to stay positive, I told her that she sounded like Bob Dylan in his Academy Award winning song Things Have Changed.  She laughed a little and said "Well I think I know who he is; but I sure don't know what song you're talking about."  

I then pulled the tune up on my iphone and played this video for her.

After watching the video she asked me "You say that won an Academy Award?  What was the movie?"  I told her Wonder Boys and she noted that she had never heard of it.  She quickly followed up with "But then again, I barely knew who this Bob Dylan is."   I responded "Sure you do.  He won the Nobel Peace prize a few years ago."  She seemed surprised and said "He did?  For what?"  I replied "Being a poet."  She laughed and replied "Boy, things sure have changed."

P.S.  Yesterday when I was with her she had Andy of Mayberry on and was in a much better mood.  She is not hurting like she was and is now able to move around some on her own.  Things have changed as she is definitely getting better.  I guess we'll know that her recovery is complete when she takes up monitoring 45 again.   But as Bob says in the song (2:03 mark) "People are crazy and times are strange.  I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range.  I used to care, but things have changed."

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