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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Hunter Original Up in Buzzy's

Once I had the aforementioned fan back in shape and working properly, I then began plotting its installation in Buzzy's Country Store.  The fact that it was so heavy was a concern so I asked Duncan Lepper what he thought was the best way to mount the fan up in the Buzzy ceiling.

Duncan told me that he had a nice piece of wood that he would not only cut and stain but also would route in channels for the electric for the fan.  He left the Store and approximately an hour later returned with this block of wood.  He explained how he wrote some information on the side that would be facing the ceiling as a time capsule for folks to view whenever the mount gets removed however many years from now that may be.  This is what he wrote:
After I took this photo of the mount, Duncan also added JW Raley's name to it as JW dropped in to help us install the mount in the ceiling:
JW Looking On as Duncan Attaches Fan's Drop Hook

As for Duncan's "We Drink Budweiser No Corona" inscription on the mount, I think I would have preferred something more along the lines "That's one small step for a fan..." or something like that.  But hey, it's only rock and roll right? 

Bobby Wright hooked up the electric and as he did so, added an additional piece of wood to properly secure the fan's canopy.  This is what the finished product looks like.

My thanks to Duncan, Bobby and JW for their efforts in putting up a Hunter-Robbins-Myers Original Fan in Buzzy's.  Now when someone says they are in Buzzy's just shooting the breeze.....

Several folks, including Lynyrd Skynyrd have covered this JJ Cale tune.  However, Eric's video here does a nice job paying JJ some recognition:

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