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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hattie Dunbar - Beautiful Lady

There is an excellent article on Hattie Dunbar by Pat Woodburn in the summer edition of the St. Mary's Historical Society Chronicles.  Pat does a great job describing Hattie growing up at Bard's Field in Ridge, moving to D.C., meeting and marrying Leon Dunbar and then returning to take up residence at Cornfield Harbor where she resides today.    

Pat discusses Hattie's activism throughout her 100 years by helping and supporting others through her efforts both in her church and in the First District community at large.  Pat's article is a remarkable story about a remarkable lady.

The one part of Hatties story that I would like to pass along today is where Pat discusses how she and her husband Leon came to operate a business at Cornfield Harbor.  (I apologize for the quality of the reprint here.  You'll just have to join the Historical Society so you can read a first hand, decent copy of the article.)
In addition to the nice article on Hattie, Pat has another interesting one on the Trappist monks in the County.  If you don't care to spend the $50 annually to become a member of the Historical Society and receive the Chronicles as part of that effort, you can purchase individual issues for $4.  This particular issue would be a good one to pick up because its full of great articles.  (More info can be found by clicking here.)  

Speaking of nice and beautiful, here's a nice little tune from Dave Koz:

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