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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Ceiling Fan Pt. 2

So there I am in this building that's about to be demo'd when I see this ceiling fan that looks kinda old and kinda beat up and my first thought is - hey, that might look good in Buzzy's.  I fetch a ladder and climb up to check out the fan to find that it weighs a ton.  My second thought is - hey this must be a good fan because it weighs so much. 
Hunter Division - Robbins &Myers Inc.
I see this label (above) on it and after consulting the cell phone internet, find that this is a Hunter Original Fan and that it retails for $500 today.  My third thought is - I'm latching onto this bad boy.

I remove the fan's canopy to find that it is secured via a drop hook screwed up into a ceiling joist.  To remove the fan all I have to do is hoist it up a little and slip it out of the retaining hook.

As I do this however, the fan becomes free of the hook and I now find that I am trying to hold and balance it while straddling the ladder. I almost fall off the ladder doing so prompting my fourth thought that maybe this wasn't such a good idea.  (I learned later that fan weighs approximately 50 pounds.)

But now that I have the fan free of its mounting and its electric wires, I lug it back to my workshop where I begin trying to get it to spin.  It won't do so freely even after I squirt copious amounts of WD-40 into it.  I'm about to chuck it when I decide to hit the old You Tube and see what it would take to get this fella back in the swing of things.

I found just what I needed to know here in this video.  The narrator did such a good job explaining what all had to be done to get the fan running properly again that even a mechanically challenged dummy like me could follow it successfully.

I won't tell you how much time I spent on this effort to get the fan up and running again, but remember that it was during the lockdown at home and I had time to spare.  Tomorrow I will conclude my ceiling fan series here and tell you how it came to be installed in Buzzy's Country Store.
Photos by Jennifer Odell

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