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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Buds Are Back

Jeff Making First Post-Virus Delivery to Buzzy's on 9 June
When the lock down hit in March I asked all of the beer sales reps about how best to handle the inventory that I had on hand knowing I wouldn't be selling any.  They all agreed to pick up my inventory of which Budweiser of course was my biggest. 

Guy Distributing then issued me a refund check for the items that they picked up.  As I thanked Karen Guy for doing so, I joked with her that they had always been my biggest expenditure each month.  However, with them sending me a nice refund check they were my biggest source of income for the month of April.

The week of June 7 then I decided to start getting some product back in the Store in hopes that Gov. Hogan would soon be allowing bars to re-open.  I also wanted to be re-opened for outside sales on June 11th in recognition of Buzzy's passing in 2009 on that day.  

But Gov. Hogan surprised us on the 10th when he announced that inside sales could re-commence on Friday the 12th.  Thus, it was a good thing that the Buds were once again back in Buzzy's.  

Here is another great commercial from the Anheuser folks.  Note the ceiling fan at the 00:30 mark.  How'd they know that I had one put up at Buzzy's?!

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