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Monday, June 8, 2020

Alcohol News

Couple items from the American Beverage Licensees weekly update:

While there is momentum behind making looser regulations permanent, there is also significant opposition. Executive orders that have allowed delivery and other temporary provisions would need to be written into law by legislators. That would trigger a battle of the lobbyists, with many states expecting significant pushback from beer retailers and wholesalers.
Overcoming that opposition is an uphill battle that is likely to play out differently across the country. Some states have already successfully made beer delivery legally permanent, while others are expected to revert to the status quo. Which scenario plays out will have long-term consequences for breweries revenue streams and for the ways drinkers buy their favorite beers.
Calls to make beer delivery and other temporary regulations permanent often overlook the bureaucratic steps it would take to do so. While governors were empowered during a state of emergency to make instant changes, codifying those changes will require they be written into law by legislatures and will no doubt spark debate along the way.
To read more on this alcohol-to-go issue (click here.)  
The ABL also provides a weekly roundup of alcohol-related news from around the U.S.  As you see from this week's summary below, alcohol-to-go is a hot topic.  (Note that in this week's newsletter the ABL also included a survey of protest-related issues dealing with liquor stores that were recently looted around the country:)

Here then are the state roundups of non-protest matters most of which involve alcohol-to-go.
Nice little drinking song follows.  (See if you don't agree that it sure does take that T-V a long time to hit the water once it gets tossed from the truck.)

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