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Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Great Day!

Today marks a perfect storm of good things.

First, we have Father's Day where we acknowledge, thank and throw some love our dad's way.  The origins of Father's Day go back to 1909 when a young lady from Spokane wanted to designate a day for dads in recognition of her own father whose birthday fell on 5 June (click here.)   It wasn't until 1972 however, that President Nixon signed a public law officially designating it as such.  As to why it took so long for Father's Day to make it as an official holiday Chris Rock may have hit the nail on the head when he made these comments:
In addition to Dad Day there are a couple of special celestial happenings making an appearance. The Summer Solstice marks the day of our year with the longest period of daylight.  (This year the solstice was officially on June 20th, but most years it falls on the 21st of June and is recognized as the first day of summer (click here.))  

The third special event today also involves the sun as it gets blocked out by the moon producing something called the Annular Eclipse.  You may be able to catch some of this live streaming click here.  The effect produced is called the Ring of Fire because the moon is so far away from us that it does not entirely block out the sun.
At Buzzy's, we will be having a Round of Drinks for all you fathers.  Get out and Carpe Diem before the Diem Carpes you.

Here is a video of a tune by Moby Grape.  Lead singer Bob Mosley is seen here with short hair because he had recently just gotten out of the Marine Corps. 

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