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Friday, April 3, 2020

Mom and Buck

I stopped into Ridge Marine Sales last Friday to ask Buck Courtney about the bungee cord he sells to watermen for use on their crabpots.  (I was doing this as a favor for a friend who had called me the previous day asking me to check with Buck on whether or not he had any bungee cord in stock.)  This visit and conversation with Buck marked the first time that I had interacted with him in many a year.

After I introduced myself to him, Buck asked me "Aren't you Buzzy's boy?"  I told him that I was and reminded him that his brother Doug and I used to pal around back in the day.  He responded to that info by noting "I know Buzzy died, but is your Mother still alive?"  I confirmed that she was and he asked me how old she was.  I told him "88" and he noted "Well, she's got me by 3 years."

While talking to Buck I called my friend who had sent me on this excursion and put him on the speaker to let him converse with Buck about the bungee cord stock and prices.  That concluded my visit to Ridge Marine Sales.

Little did I know that I would be making a return visit the very next day with my Mom.

I had told Mom that we would ride down to Sunset Cove Restaurant on Saturday to pick up some lunch.  As we made our way there I told her about my visit with Buck.  She asked me where he was and since we were about to turn onto Wynne Rd. I said "Let's pay him a visit." 

And so we did.  This first photo shows each of them trying to remember who the other was, who their parents were, who they were married to etc..  Mom had a little advantage over Buck in this exchange because she and I had just discussed some of these matters.  Still it was kinda funny hearing them go back and forth trying to place one another.
At some point Mom told Buck how his Mother Dorothy used to call the Store every afternoon and leave a list of things for his father Capt. Theo to pick up on his way home.  Mom said it was pretty much the same items everyday but she would write them down and give the list to Buzzy to pass along to Mr. Courtney when he came in later on.

Buck then relayed how he remembered his father complaining that it cost him $2.80 a day to feed his family.  Buck said "I don't know why it cost so much because hell, we ate fish twice a day."

After some more reminiscing, Buck and Mom said their goodbyes and by this time Buck had warmed up in his own way.  As we headed for the door, he told my Mom  "Come visit me sometime and we can watch T-V together."  Before I could say anything about what a great pickup line that was, Mom replied "I don't think so Buck; you probably don't watch the same shows I watch."  My Mom, always good with just the right comeback.
Music-wise, here's hoping John Prine survives his corona virus bout and doesn't find himself in heaven singing this tune anytime soon:

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