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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Twofer Tuesday - The Beverage Journal

The Beverage Journal, a monthly publication for licensed alcohol retailers, is actually two publications in one. First off, the Beverage Journal contains the current price list of what various liquors will cost retailers for that particular month.  Liquor distributors list their prices in the Journal and include monthly deals where they discount many of their products.  In turn, retailers will buy these items and feature them as "Specials" for their customers and pass along the savings.   Nick's of Clinton is a good example of this as they often feature some excellent deals, i.e. only a few cents over their cost, on the beer and  alcohol items to entice folks into their business.   

The second part of the Journal contains articles of interest discussing different issues and trends within the alcohol industry.  For example, this month's edition of the Journal has a very good article on how these crazy trade wars and tariffs are impacting the liquor industry (click here.)  (The best line in that article is the following Enough is enough! Leaders of the U.S. industry have issued a rare joint letter asking to please be excused from fights that don’t really involve us.)
Note that the Cannabis: Friend or Foe to Alcohol article is also worth reading.

Another feature in this part of the Journal is a look at a Maryland retailer.  This month features Bella's Liquors and its Hallmark movie lady Julianne (click here to read article.)
As magazines go, the Beverage Journal @ $65 annually is a little on the pricey side.  However, given how useful it is in a retailer's day-to-day operations, it is well worth the cost. 

Bottom line -
it always comes down to money and when I heard Gary Rue and his Smoke Creek fellas do this tune at Buzzy's awhile back, I made a mental note to find this Bruce version of it and pass it along.  (The middle part (3:10) with the audience shouting "PAY ME" reminded of you know who and his favorite saying.)

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