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Saturday, June 29, 2019

A Tale of Two Neighbors

Believe it or not but I still have folks ask me about my awful neighbor George whom I blogged and complained about several times here on the Buzzyblog.  Folks will still ask me "How's that crazy neighbor of yours doing?" Or "Are you still dealing with that neighbor who was such a pain in the ass?"  If I ever have to list my biggest regret about anything that I have ever published here on  the Buzzyblog it would be having made George one of, if not my most, famous, make that infamous, of subjects.  Being the kind of person that he was, George does not deserve any such fame that I may have given him whether good, bad or otherwise.  Thank God he's gone to that eternal neighborhood.

However, today I would like to shed some attention on my "Good neighbor" Kennard aka Pinky Nagel.  Pinky recently celebrated his 86th birthday and later today his daughter Janaree is having a party for him.

For over forty plus years I have had the pleasure of living next door to Pinky and have enjoyed knowing him.  Great guy, Pinky, unlike idiot George,  is the perfect neighbor.  I have never once had any quarrel nor run in with Pinky of any kind.   Even when I accidently backed into his paper box and smashed it up several years ago, Pinky was very understanding, forgiving and kind.  (George on the other hand wanted Pinky to call the cops on me.)  All of my dealings with Pinky through the years have been very cordial and pleasant.  I couldn't have asked for a better neighbor.

Pinky and Charlie Simms were stationed in the Navy together and still remain good friends.  Here are a couple photos I took when Pinky and his wife Gloria dropped in to Buzzy's Country Store to help Charlie and Dot celebrate Charlie's birthday.
Pinky and Charlie 2011 at Buzzy's

Charlie, Dot, Gloria and Pinky
Happy Birthday Pinky and thank you for being such a good neighbor and friend.

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