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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Jan, Christy, Their Mom and Little Mary

In the days leading up to the Buzzy Car Show I will get quite a few calls from folks asking me what kind of prizes or awards are being given away at the Show, what time does the judging take place etc..  I always tell folks asking these type of questions that the Buzzy Car Show is a very informal and laid back affair with no judging nor prizes.  

Thus, when Jan Kiger called me the Sunday morning of this year's Car Show to ask me what type of show it was, I immediately thought that she was another one of those Car Show folks who bring their rides to the event in order to win a prize or a trophy.  After I gave her my "Buzzy's is a very informal affair" response she said "That's exactly what we're looking for."  Doing my best Bob Barker impersonation, I then told her to "Come on down."  She noted that they had a 59 Ford truck and would bring it down shortly.
Little Mary
When Jan and her husband Jerry rolled into the Buzzy Car Show they were immediately spotted by LP Mercure who helped them get their truck parked and situated in the Buzzy parking lot.  (As we all know, LP is very partial to Ford trucks.)  Pat Birmingham took the above photo along with this one of Jerry and Jan relaxing and talking with Bobby Wright.   
LP's wife Lisa also talked with Jan and later told me how Jan and Jerry had come to own the truck.  Because it was such a great story, after the Car Show I called Jan, whose phone number was still listed on the Buzzy store phone, to see if it was ok that I post that story here on the Buzzyblog.  

Jan not only agreed, she also sent me an email (below) along with some photos.

Here's the story.  Jan's Mom Mary Thompson passed away a year ago after Jan had tended to her for an extended period of time.  Jan's Sister Christy Thompson, who lives in the Philadelphia area, was not able to help Jan out very much with taking care of their Mother who was confined to a wheel chair.  Complicating things, their 100 year old Grandmother began experiencing medical issues and Jan tended to both Mom and Grandmom for several years.

Following the passing of Mom and Grandma, Christy invited Jan and Jerry up for a visit to Philly.  Once there, Christy suggested that they visit Carlisle to check out some classic cars.  When they arrived at Carlisle, Christy told Jan that this day was for her.  Christy explained how much she appreciated all that Jan had done in taking care of their Mom and Grandmother and said that she wanted to show her appreciation by buying Jan any vehicle of her choice there in Carlisle.  That is when Jan became the owner of the 59 Ford truck that she would name Little Mary.  Here's Jan's story to me in her email.

Here are the photos Jan mentioned:
Mary and Jan

Christy and Little Mary
Mom On the Move

 As for why Jan picked a 59 Ford truck she noted that she checked out all of the classic vehicles and for some reason the truck was the one that caught her attention and "sang to her."  
 I got to think that somewhere Mother Mary is smiling.  

Thank you Jan for such a great Buzzy's Car Show story!

And just because I referenced it, here's a nice little tune from you know who:

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