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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Going to the Game

When it comes to phrases that I like "Going to the game" is one of my favorites.  All last week those words kept rolling around in my mind like a soothing hand on a fevered forehead.  (I plagiarized that analogy from somewhere but forgot just who or where that was. So my apologies and acknowledgement to the originator whomever you are.)

Back to the Game or more accurately back to Going to the Game.  Couple weeks ago, my sons Brady and Shea circled Sunday's Ravens/Broncos matchup as one that we should attend.  ("We" included Grandsons Shawn and Blaise.  Due to the rainy conditions however, a decision was made to take Blaise to a future game.)  Brady did the Stub Hub thing and got us some upper-deck-not-so-expensive seats (@ "only" $90 each.

My part of the prep involved finding coverage for Buzzy's Country Store to allow me to take the day off and then to clean out my vehicle so I could execute my role as the Designated Driver.  Securing Store coverage was the easier of the two chores and my thanks to Jenny and Kayla for  taking care of things for me.  However, my vehicle needed some TLC.  I had to clean it up and out as well as repair a wiper blade in anticipation of the rainy forecast.  However, I didn't mind doing any of this because I was "going to the game."

Proving my long held contention that the best part of any trip is the anticipation of the trip, all last week I would inwardly smile whenever I thought about going to the game.  For instance, while at lunch on Thursday with some friends, I spied a couple guys decked out in their Ravens' gear.  Just the sight of them was enough to remind me of "GTTG."  I made a point on my way out the restaurant  to tell them "I'm going to the game on Sunday."  And although they weren't overly impressed about my revelation, nevertheless, it made me feel a little better just thinking and commenting about it to them.
Four Ridgells Getting Wet in the Upper Deck 
Well, we made it to the game but it rained pretty much all day.  I drove up in the rain, sat in the rain and then drove home in the rain.  And when, in the first 4 minutes of the game, the Broncos scored two touchdowns,  it looked like my GTTG enthusiasm was about to be negated.

However, as someone once noted "it's not how you start, it's how you finish."  The day was all worthwhile as the Ravens came back to shut out the Broncos the rest of the way and eventually win 27-14

On the way out of the game we were bopping along with the happy crowd when we saw an elderly man wearing his Ravens hat.  He was heading our way with cane in one hand and his wife propping him up on his other side.  He had an oxygen tube around his face under his nose and was a little wobbly as he and his wife negotiated going against the flow of folks heading in the other direction.  Shea veered over to the old guy and said "Go Ravens."  The old guy smiled and replied back "Go Ravens."  Shea then veered back to us and I said to him "That was a nice thing to do."  Shea responded "Well, I just did that because this may be the last game that old guy goes to."  I laughed as Shea and I both simultaneously added "Hell, it may be the last game that I go to."

Later I thought about the day's events and Shea's encounter with the old guy.  It occurred to me that just maybe "going to the game" was the one thing that is keeping the old guy going overall.  I can relate to that.

The Stones' She's a Rainbow was released over 50 years ago in 1967 but is back on the charts thanks to its current usage in a Honda commercial (click here.)  However, because Rainbow is among my least favorite of Stones' songs, I'll pass on that and include this one where Mick sings about going somewhere.

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