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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Signs of Spring

Speaking of spring, the robin seems to garner all the credit for being the first sign of spring.  However, I found that that is a little bit of a myth (click here.)  The author concludes with something that we osprey watchers have long known and appreciated:

Locally our ospreys are usually right on time somewhere around St. Patrick's Day.

However, I have another, more business-related take on the first sign of spring: Buzzy's first sale of ice for the year.  Ice sales in winter months are non existent so I turn off the freezer and wait until April to start it back up and re-stock. 

This past Wednesday then Robert T. from Shop Cove delivered me my first batch of ice for the year.  And sure enough, it wasn't quite 24 hours later that a guy walked into the Store with his two sons.  He purchased some bait and a couple other items and as I rang him up, I asked if he needed ice.  He said "Gee, thanks for reminding me.  That's one of the items I came in for."

I smiled as Buzzy's words came back to me "Always ask folks heading to Pt. Lookout if they need ice.  Three out four will say yes."

I posed this same ice question to a couple awhile back and the lady complimented me by saying "Very good suggestive selling.  I learned that working in the fast food industry to always ask the customers if they want fries or if they want to super size their order."  I laughed and replied  "True.  But my old man was doing it long before it was known as suggestive selling."

Nice little upbeat song and video here for you from Shakira.  What is it about her that reminds me of spring?  Let's see.....

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