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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Panthers/Davis Store/Dumas Walker

I am heading to Charlotte this a.m. with Brady to catch the Panthers-Texans opening pre-season game tonight.  Usually we hit a baseball stadium but this year we elected to stay close to home and visit a NFL stadium that we have not been to.  Baseball wise we've been to all the MLB parks save for the 2 L.A. teams, Petco Park in San Diego and Safeco Park in Seattle.  

Charlotte/Carolina Panthers are a good example of how the NFL really does mean Not For Long.  Just two years ago they went 15 and 1 and made the Super Bowl.  Last year they were 6-10 and didn't even make the playoffs.  Go figure.  The following is from Deadspin's take on why the Panthers suck.
Also on our agenda is a visit to Davis General Store located in North Charlotte.  Think I am more psyched about visiting there than I am in going to see the Panthers.
This is from the Davis' website:
Kayla covers Sunday evenings for me at Buzzy's Country Store and leaves the radio on the country music channel.  This past Monday after I turned the radio on and was cleaning up the place, I was too lazy to change the channel when this song played.  I never like it much but let it play anyway.  Found that I had never really listened to the lyrics before and that I actually enjoyed listening to the song this time around. 

Guess now that I have something in common with ole Dumas Walker, I can relate to it more than I could previously.  (And no, I never once thought that the actual lyrics were "go down and do Miss Walker" although there is something to be said for that.)

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