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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy Sextilis! (No, It's Not What You Think It Is)

August at one time was known as Sextilis which is the Latin word for sixth.  The Roman calendar initially only had 10 months with March as the first month of the year.  The Julian calendar then added two months at the beginning of the year and thereby skewed the numbering system they were using to mark their months. 

In that original 10 month rotation, Sextilis preceded other Latin named/numbered months of September (Septem which was Latin for 7.)  Then came the following months of October (Octō is Latin for 8) November (Novem  Latin for 9) and December (Decem Latin for 10.)  (Who says that 4 years of Latin I took back in high school was a waste of time?)

Somewhere along the line though, the Romans started switching up the numbered names of months in order to honor somebody.  Obviously they either ran out of folks to honor or just let the last 4 months of the year remain named as they were. 

However, good old number 6, Sextilis, took a hit to be re-named in honor of Emperor Augustus.  Hence, Sextilis became August.  Personally, I think I like Sextilis better.  

August Buzzy birthdays include: Dickie Cullison on 1 August.  On 3 Aug Johnny "JW" Raley celebrates; Bobbi Jo Magee on 5 Aug;  Lori Raley on the 17th;  Cathy Wright the 20th.  And on the 29th, Jimmy and Marylou Cullison celebrate their wedding anniversary. 

Immediate family-wise, August is a biggie too because my Mom celebrates her birthday on the 21st and my son Brady on August 25th. Brother-in-law Danny Hofmeister celebrates his on the 26th.  

And right in the middle of all those August birthdays,  don't forget the Ridge Fireman's Carnival on these dates.
Of course an ideal day to hit the Carnival would be this Sunday the 6th.  Earlier in the day you could drop in to Buzzy's Country Store for our Anniversary Party and then swing by the Carnival on your way back up the road.  SLAP!  (Sounds Like a Plan!)

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