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Monday, August 7, 2017

Buzzy's "Party, Party, Party"

Great party yesterday and my thanks to all who came by to join us on such a nice day.  For me it was a super feeling to look around the Store at one point and to see just about all of my family and closest friends all there in one place.  (Big thanks to Cousin Jo Jo and Pat White for driving over from Fredericksburg, Virginia to join us.) 

Again, thank you all for coming by, joining in the fun and helping to celebrate our anniversaries!  I know Buzzy would have been pleased to see such a nice group of folks at the Store enjoying themselves at our Wang Dang Doodle of a anniversary celebration.  

Chief Larry summed it up best.

My thanks also to the Bushmill Band for playing some tunes for us.  They sounded great and everybody had a good time listening to them.  My thanks too to Larry Yeatman for his long distanced phone call wishing me well and then buying a round for the Bushmill Band one of whom is his brother Ted.

Although yesterday was not supposed to be a car show, I guess by now any Buzzy event is gonna draw some classic cars.  For being a "Non-car-show" we sure had a lot of nice vehicles sitting in the Buzzy parking lot.  My thanks to all who brought their rides down to the Store.  One couple saw the T.J. Boothe entourage heading south and followed them from Great Mills down the road just to see where they were going.

My thanks also to all who brought food and in particular to Chef Brian Barnhill who was the Grill Master grilling up all sorts of good things for us to eat.  As Buzzy used to say "There has never been a bad party where there was plenty to eat and drink."  That was certainly true yesterday. 

To Barbara Demko, Bobby Wright and Pat Birmingham I owe you all a round of thanks also for your help in preparing for the party and having things run as smoothly as they did.  Thank you!

Through the day, several folks congratulated me on having done 10 years.  It was a nice gesture on their part and I appreciated it very much.  Couple others thanked me for just keeping Buzzy's open and a place that they can come to and hang out.  That was nice to hear also.  In turn, I thanked all of them for their support thru the years.  It's a great feeling to know that I have such good friends and members of my extended Buzzy family.  

I have several more photos I will upload (download?) later and post here.

Since I mentioned it above, here is Willie Dixon and Koko Taylor for you:

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