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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Windshield In; Blood Pressure Meds Maybe

Recently I had two occasions wherein I had to deal with insurance matters.  

First, I called the VA Charlotte Hall clinic to see about getting my Doctor there to approve a refill for some blood pressure medication that I take.  I am on the last of the three refills that the Doc had approved for me several months ago, so I now need her to issue me a new script for any future refills.

Over the phone, I was informed by the receptionist at Charlotte Hall that I had to contact their Medical Advice folks in D.C. and was given that phone number.

I called that number and a recording informed me that they were extremely busy at this time but if I left a phone number someone would call me back.  I did so.  They never called.

After no one called me back that day, I tried again the next morning and got the same non-responsive result.

Next day I then decided to try and negotiate my way thru the VA website to see if I could do this request online.  After poking around for several minutes, I learned that I had to apply to become a Premium Member in order to make internet inquiries for prescription assistance.  (If I were simply refilling an active prescription online it would have worked smoothly.  But because I needed a Doctor's ok to get another refill, it got complicated.)

To apply to become a Premium Member, I was instructed to download and complete the application form and mail it to them.  I did so and mailed the form into them.  I am currently awaiting approval in order to use the internet process.  They noted that if I did not hear anything back from them within 20 days of my application then I should follow up.

Meanwhile, I tried the Medical Advice phone line again and finally got thru to someone named Laverne.  She entered my request into their system and informed me that I should be getting it soon.  Good news is I got 80 some days of pills left to see if this works.  But frankly, I will be pleasantly surprised if it does so.

My second insurance encounter was the polar opposite regarding processing and completion. 

Driving down to Buzzy's Country Store last Thursday a week ago, a pebble flew up and cracked my windshield.  Friday morning  I stopped in A&M Glass shop in Great Mills where Ron Armsworthy and Heather  checked it out  and set up an appointment for them to replace it. 

After talking to them, I then called my State Farm insurance rep Josh Mesh.  He had someone who handles window replacements for them call me a few minutes later to take all my info.  The rep informed me that she would call Heather and take care of everything paperwork-wise.   

On the following Wednesday, I dropped my truck off at A&M and later that morning I retrieved it with a new window shield.  No muss, no fuss and no deductible since it is covered under my insurance plan. 

All of which led me to ponder - why shouldn't getting my blood pressure meds refilled be as simple? 

P.S.  I still haven't received any notification from the VA indicating that my script was or will be refilled.  Got my fingers crossed however.

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