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Monday, July 10, 2017

Turn the Page/Turn It Up

Speaking of being older, slower and crankier (previous post,) I now find that my musical tastes have also shifted somewhat through the years.  Take the case of Bob Seger's Turn the Page

For years it was never one of my favorites of his.  Too slow and too depressing it was in the "depends-on-my-mood-whether-or-not-I-change-the-channel-category" when it came on the radio.  Basically, when I was younger I wanted my music to rock and bring me up.  No slow songs, no strings and no downers were my musical codes of ethics.  Even from my guys, the Stones and the Beatles, I didn't want to listen to "Yesterday" or "Angie" or what I thought of as schlock rock. 

As if to officially certify my thoughts on Turn the Page, my buddy Ron Edwards made an off hand comment about it that rang particularly true.  Many years ago we were riding around his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas when Turn the Page came on the radio.  Bob got to the refrain and Ronnie looked at the radio and said "Hey Bob, no more songs about the road.  It goes with the territory, so get over it." 

In the ensuing years Ronnie's comment would always come to my mind whenever TTP came on the radio - "Hey Bob, get over it."
Buzzy In Out of Africa
However, my opinion of the song began to change a little when Buzzy and I were doing a 17 day bus tour of South Africa.  Each evening as we rolled into a different hotel for the night, Buzzy would ask if we were staying there for one or two nights.  Our routine was to do laundry if we were staying two nights so it could dry in time for us to repack it.  If we were only staying one night, we didn't even bother to unpack anything more than a change of clothes for the next day.   

About the second week into this routine, it began to get old.  Somewhere in the churn it dawned on me "This is what those rockers always complain about when they're on the road touring."  From then on I had a little different take on road songs than my buddy Ronnie's "Get over it" dismissal of them.

Because I mostly listen to XM's Channel 26 Classic Rock, Turn the Page is played a lot.  (In fact, now that I think about it, several of Bob's tunes are played a lot.)  Through numerous listenings, I have grown to like the song in spite of my previous take on it.

This past Saturday even though the Store was very crowded and noisy,  when I heard TTP come on the radio, I turned it up.  (Yes, I now like it so much that it has reached my ultimate recognition of "turn it up" status.)   

After the song concluded, someone who had come back into the Store from out on the porch, said to me that they were just commenting about what a great song this was and that it should be turned up.  She told me that as if on cue, I had turned it up. 

That will now become my new memory association of TTP.  Sorry Ronnie, but sometimes you just got to turn the page.

P.S. Thank you, Linda and Joan!

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