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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Calverts

St. Mary's City has their Archealogy Days event going on this weekend:
Maybe some kid will stumble upon just where Leonard Calvert is buried.  Check out this Joe Norris  article in The Baynet discussing plans to rebuild Leonard Calvert's house:

Leonard Calvert was Maryland's first Governor (click here.)  I have discussed previously how there are stories of a Calvert son drowning in Calvert Creek located between Curley and Wynne Roads.  However, I have been unsuccessful in turning up anything concrete to verify that someone named Calvert actually drowned there.

The property around the creek is known as Calvert's Rest which would also lend credence to the story that someone named Calvert died there.  The portion of the Potomac River in front of this area is also known as Calvert Bay.  My teenage years were spent growing up on Calvert Creek after we moved there from the Store in the early 60's.  

As for the three coffins that were discovered in St. Mary's City several years ago, here is info on efforts to determine who was in them (click here?)  The coffins have since been returned to the Chapel at St. Mary's City (click here for story.)

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