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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Liquor Laws

Yesterday I did the Laws of Nature; so today, let's discuss liquor laws.

I have discussed previously a new St. Mary's County liquor law allowing art galleries and hair salons to now serve alcohol to their customers (click here.)  The bill allowing these establishments to do so was approved during this past legislative session.  Senator Steve Waugh recently met with members of the St. Mary's County Liquor Board and Beverage Association to discuss this and other legislative initiatives.  This is an Enterprise article by John Wharton from their 21 July issue.
As Waugh noted, each County has its own liquor board and as a result liquor laws are all over the place.  Currently, as Waugh noted, the big box stores are working their way onto the scene by pushing for additional licenses in Montgomery and PG Counties.  When asked if Walmart, who has a hair salon license, could now request a St. Mary's County liquor license to begin selling alcohol under the new law, Waugh said that he would have to look into that.   Same old story, more laws beget more laws to address the unintended consequences of the first law that was passed.  (See The Law of Unintended Consequences.)

Bottom line to me is that with major problems to review and try and solve, why is time being wasted on things like a hair salon liquor issue that affects probably less than a one tenth of 1% of the populace if that?   Seems like much ado about nothing and a bill that should never have been passed much less introduced.  That it may now pave the way for the big box bubbas like Walmart to get their foot in the door is a whole nother issue.

As John Wharton's article headline notes above, folks in the liquor industry are wary of the big box stores getting into the alcohol business.  However, this could well be the wrong war to fight  when the larger issue is the Amazon boys wanting to do direct shipment of alcohol.  The big box boys, along with smaller liquor stores, could end up Barnes and Nobelled if and when Amazon is allowed to do its thing.

So stay tuned and hope that the old French saying is really true "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" (The more things change, the more they remain the same.)

Jimi tearing it up on this Buddy Miles' tune when they were a Band of Gypsies.

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