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Monday, July 24, 2017


I am planning to try and see 38 Special and George Thorogood next weekend at Wolf Trap.  As part of my prep work then I am reviewing 38 Special's song list.  (George's stuff I know pretty well from all of those long nights of Drinking Alone and listening to him on 8 tracks.)

38 Special's big hit was Hold on Loosely - "You see it all around..."  But I also liked this song/video too featuring Julianne Phillips.  She got her acting break by first appearing in the video below.  

Julianne went onto star in the T-V show Sisters which for some weird reason managed to make its way into my viewing rotation back in the 90's.  She played the younger sister Frankie and had a certain innocent and sexy way about her that caught my attention.  Guess I wasn't the only one who regarded her as such because eventually she caught the Boss's eye too and they were married for awhile (click here.)

Doubt that she will be anywhere near Wolf Trap Sunday night.  However, when 38 Special plays this tune I know who I will be thinking about.

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