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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Gin Rickey!

Gin Rickey?  It is touted as being the perfect summertime/4th of July drink. 

Simple to make but very refreshing, the Rickey is a mixture of gin, club soda and lime.  The drink is named after one Col. Joe Rickey who was described as follows:

"He was a lobbyist. As such, he possessed a most useful trait -- he was known to be a perfect master of the ancient arts and modern sciences of drinking. If he said a drink was good, it was good. If he said it was lousy, you had the next round elsewhere." (click here.)

Check out this article on the Rickey's origins, which involved whiskey initially, and how it is the perfect drink for the 4th of July (click here.)

Note that an interesting ritual involving the Rickey is something that Buzzy perfected years ago - you mix your own according to how you prefer it:

Might just be serving up a couple of these at Buzzy's Country Store today.  And yes we will  even  have some limes to make it a true Gin Rickey. 

Since it is Two For Tuesdays - how's about the following two "gin" songs?

(Wonder if the "It's not cheating, she reminds me of you" line has ever worked for anyone dumb enough to have offered it up by way of explanation for straying .)

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