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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bless Me Father For I Have Stolen Your Phone

Sundays I try to do something quasi-religious, semi-spiritual here on the BB.  How's about something along those lines for today?

I no longer subscribe to Sports Illustrated magazine so I don't know if they still do their "Signs of the Apocalypse" feature.  In each issue they would publish some off beat incident or quote from the world of sports that left you shaking your head and thinking "Man, we are so doomed."  Here is a good sample of that from their Feb 23, 2015 issue:

Signs of the Apocalypse
The Signs of the Apocalypse crossed my mind when I read the following Facebook entries from my friend Sister Mary Angela Shaughnessy:

The comments to Father Osfs' post are worth reading
(click here.)

Speaking of Sunday Gods and Goddesses, was Debbie Harry not THE Babe of Babes?

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