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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bar Room Deaths (Pt. 1)

The subject of bar room fights that resulted in the death of someone came up in Buzzy's Country Store the other day. 

The 4 O'clock Club was discussing the night that Ronnie W. brought his shot gun into Buzzy's Country Store to shoot Pat John after PJ had smacked him.  They had been playing cards and got into an argument.  Pat John smacked Ronnie who then went out to his car and returned with his gun. 

Seeing Ronnie come in the front door with his gun, Pat John and the rest of the crew in Buzzy's at the time scattered out the side and back doors.  Paul Cooper, who was working that night for Buzzy to have a night off, talked Ronnie out of doing anything too crazy.  Ronnie left and the card game resumed.

The 4 O'clock Club's discussion about this incident then shifted to bar room shootings and arguments that resulted in a death.  Whereas a couple shootings were mentioned that occurred up the road, no one present could name any that ever took place in our South County/Ridge area. 
Captain Jerry Norris, 89 and our go-to source for confirmation of important historical data such as this, said that he couldn't remember any either.

When you think about that, it's pretty remarkable.  All the drunken sailors, rednecks and low lifes to have ever wandered in and out the South County watering holes and no deaths to have ever taken place seems kind of a miraculous doesn't it?  Perhaps the-live-and-let-live County approach to things goes double for Down County folks - even for crazy barroom drunks.  (Ronnie W. notwithstanding.)
Monk's Inn Today - For Rent
Following this discussion, I was thinking about it on my way home to Piney Point when I passed by old Monk's Inn.  It made me recall something about a shooting death in their parking lot not too long ago. 

Sure enough I remembered correctly as verified by the following Enterprise stories from 2006.

The young man shot eventually died and the individuals responsible were arrested and convicted for the crime.  According to John Porter, who ran Monk's at the time, the shooting was over a girl friend either talking to or being with the guy who got shot.  (Leads me to quote the Margarita Boy "Some people claim...") 

A May 2006 Enterprise article had one of the Monk's Inn bouncers discussing the incident:

This Toby Keith song explains why bar rooms figure so prominently in his music - his Grandmother ran one.  As a young boy Toby helped out in the bar as shown in the video below.

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