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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Old Photos

My Numero Uno biker buddy Robby told me the other day at lunch that he enjoyed looking at the old photos that I sometimes post here on the Buzzyblog.  He suggested that I should post more old photos of Buzzy folks and friends.

Robby's a little like E.F. Hutton in that when he makes a suggestion, I tend to listen to it. 

So I took some time to go thru the many boxes of the old photos Buzzy has stashed away and scanned in some for showing here.  I'll continue doing so for the next couple days to make sure I meet Robby's request.

Let's start with this one which is not really that old as it was taken in 2011.  My Brother-in-law Jerry Taylor is shown here with his cousin from Scotland.  That's right, everybody is related.
Speaking of Scotland men, how about this photo featuring a couple of world travelers?  When Buzzy visited Japan in 1997, Tom McCoy, Chairman of JTI, was kind enough to give him the VIP treatment.  Buzzy was very impressed and made several comments about how well Tom had  treated and entertained him during his visit there.
Ok, from Japan let's get back to Buzzy's Country Store where Jonsey Norris also appears to be  enjoying some very hospitable treatment courtesy of Debbie Profitt.
Here is one of Lou Gentry, Linda and Buzzy.  (Seeing Buzzy with that pen-pocket protector always makes me smile.)
This next one is from Buzzy's 40th Anniversary Party in 1993.  Shown are Russ Cullins, Bud "Judge" Ridgell, Buzzy, Bo Bailey and Glenn Guy holding - what else - a ten ounce Bud. 
From 1996 - David Norris, Bart, Pete, Herbie, Robbie Norris, Duncan and Kim making a point.
And one from 1999 showing Brady and his then boss Ernie Pfief celebrating Brady's 21st birthday at Buzzy's.  (I think they were off the clock but I'm not too sure about that.  Also, I still have that Brady Birthday Sign that Buzzy drew up for the occasion.)
Paul Simon for some reason came to mind. 

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