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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Murals (Continued)

Someone asked me about my Mural Project that I started a couple weeks back where I was trying to locate various exterior murals around the County.   I was going to feature as many outdoor murals in the County as I could.  However, after profiling a couple murals that I knew about, I hit a wall (literally!) on locating additional ones.  

However, I have stumbled upon a few more that I will feature here on the BB.   First up, let's go back to high school.

I was up County the other day and swung by Chopticon High School to take a photo of their famous barn which features a graffiti-covered mural.  Every year Chopticon's graduating seniors are allowed to paint the barn as part of a tradition that started back when Choticon first opened in 1965. 

I was a little surprised to see that the barn is now more of a movie-set barn to put it nicely.  (In Ridge-boy terms - it is a half-assed barn - literally.)  Here is my photo of it and yes I do believe that that is a Porto Potty next to it.  They must have gotten tired of folks peeing on the barn I guess.)

Wondering how and why the barn is the way it is, I hit the old Google machine and learned that the original barn was torn down in 1996 to make way for renovations and expansion of Chopticon High School.
And then in 2003 the barn that replaced the original one, was burned down by arsonists.  I could not locate any additional info as to whether or not the culprits were ever found.

Later in 2003 the movie set barn was erected.
As murals go, the Chopticon barn probably wouldn't be classified as a true mural. That said however, it sure has a storied background.

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