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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Knowing What You Don't Know

My buddy Dave Carlson was the first person I ever heard describe someone as "He doesn't know what he doesn't know."  That was several years ago but thru the years I have heard and read it numerous times since I first heard Dave say it. 

Of late however, seems like it keeps popping up more and more with respect to our President I-Me-Mine.  For instance, there was this recent article in the magazine Foreign Policy:
 Then this editorial:
It got me wondering about the origins of the quote.  From that there Internet Machine, I found that Lao Tzu had a variation of the quote when he noted "The wise man is one who knows what he does not know" (click here.)

However, there are also accounts that attribute it to someone you know but don't know.  (That's my poor attempt at some wordplay involving what one does or does not know.  Apologies tendered.) 

The individual credited with the quote is one Laurence J. Peter:
Who is Laurence J. Peter you ask?   Well, think "Peter" as in the Peter Principle, one of management studies' most famous phenomena.  It was first articulated in 1969 by Laurence Peter (click here) and remains every bit as valid and relevant today as it did back when Peter first originated it.  In fact, a case could be made that The Trumpster himself is perhaps the best example of the Peter Principle yet.

[Quick aside here:  When deciding between principle and principal, I sill fall back on the old  "Your School Principal is your pal" saying.  However, as in the case of most simplicities, it can sometimes be more complicated than that (click here.) ]

Also in my internet travels, I found another clever Peter-originated quote that goes as follows "The most noblest of dogs is the hot dog because it feeds the hand that bites it" (click here.) 

And since I set this up earlier, here is the tune which is said to have been the last song that the Beatles ever recorded as a group (click here.)  Makes it a kind of sad song doesn't it?  Sort of like our President.

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