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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


My Pax Air Museum post the other day featuring the Top Gun video reminded me of Kelly McGillis.  She did a nice job acting in Top Gun as Maverick's hot girlfriend Charlie. 
That said though, it couldn't top her performance in Witness along with Harrison Ford.  The famous nude scene is out there somewhere on the www if you care to look for it.  (For some unexplained reason though,  I tended to like her better with her clothes on as in the two scenes included below.) 

In Witness she plays an Amish mother Rachel who is attracted to Harrison (and vice versa) but they never consummate their feelings for each other.  Usually these sort of unrequited love stories or affairs of the heart will drive me crazy.  I find myself yelling at the screen "Come on people just do it already!" 

However, Kelly as Rachel does it so well here that I didn't mind watching her do the dance - literally - with Harrison as John the cop.  Check out these two scenes and see if you don't agree that she's just as "hot" here as an Amish lady as she was in Top Gun.

Another nice aspect of Witness was the portrayal of the "Amish way" versus what we are familiar with. I'll save that for another day. (Warning to my gun loving friends - you may want to skip that one.)

The following video from Witness is dedicated to all of us who have ever had a father interrupt things at just the wrong time:

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