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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Here Comes the.......

The couple and their three kids were milling around Buzzy's Country Store when I asked them if they were camping down at the State Park.  The Dad said, "No, we're staying at Woodlawn for a wedding later today." 

"What time is the wedding?" I asked.

"Four o'clock," he replied.

I then told him about my experiences as a wedding photographer and how I always dreaded the late-day weddings.  "The wedding party has had all day to fret and worry about it and in particular the bride was always a nervous wreck."

"Well, we won't have that problem today," he said.

I jokingly replied "Oh, has she been married a couple times before and knows the drill?"

"No," he responded  "It's two grooms getting married."

I didn't have a comeback to that.

All time 20 best songs about getting married (click here.) However, for some reason this one below was omitted.

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