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Friday, June 23, 2017

Events at St. Mary's City/Local Beers

Two events at St. Mary's City this weekend:

Friday night starts the College's weekly River Concert series (click here for info.)

And then on Saturday, Historic St. Mary's City has its annual Beer Fest:

One of the beers featured at the Fest is Mully's which is brewed in Prince Frederick.  This is from their website:
Mully's is distributed in St. Mary's by Guy Distributors and yes Buzzy's Country Store has their Pale Ale for you.

While on the subject of local beers, another Maryland beer stocked in Buzzy's is Weedline.  It is brewed by Ocean City based Fin City Brewing Company

Being Maryland beers, both Mully's Pale Ale and Weedline advertise how well they go with eating crabs.  Fin City is located in west OC's Hoopers Crab House.  Mully's Brewing is off Skipjack Road just before Hallowing Point Park.

As shown in this photo, try and support our local beer brewers:
From my pot head days I naturally thought that weedline had something to do with cannabis.  Thanks to my fishing expert buddy John Carbone for telling me otherwise (click here:)

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