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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Doug's Man Cave

Still want to fight the last war? Check out the Blue/Gray days at Pt. Lookout.  For details (click here.)

Some of the Blue/Gray events will take place at Ft. Lincoln located on the Potomac River side of the State Park. 

Ft. Lincoln has been restored to its Civil War state (click here.)  Many moons ago my buddy Doug Courtney had a "fort" of his own in Ft. Lincoln.  Back then the area was overgrown and all that could be seen were the berms around the original Fort.  By digging a small cave into a side of one of the berms, Doug created a little man cave - literally - long before the concept became popular.  He even constructed a door at the entrance and covered it with tree limbs to ensure that no one saw it.

I may have to ride down to the Fort this weekend and throw one Doug's way when I note where his little hideaway used to be.  He is now resting peacefully in St. Mary's City.
Like Gregg sings here at the 1:55 mark, I guess that Doug had gone by the point of caring when he shot himself:

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