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Sunday, June 11, 2017


I am only a week late on this, but last Sunday I caught an O's game with my guys Brady, Shea and Shawn.  Officially it was a celebration of Shawn's 12th birthday which went down on Friday 2 June.  However, when we were deciding which game to try and attend - either Friday or Sunday - I showed my age by lobbying for the Sunday day game.  Knowing I would be the designated driver, those Friday night road trips home from B'more are all in my rear view.  So last Sunday we headed to Camden Yards.
(In case you are wondering, the Orioles shirt I am wearing was a promotional one in honor of their right fielder Hyun Soo Kim who is from Korea (click here.)  It was given away at one of their games last season.  오리올스 is Orioles in Korean.  And yeah, if you had told me years ago that I would one day be wearing an Orioles shirt with the Korean translation of Orioles on the front of it, I am not sure how I would have responded.)

As a bonus treat, on Sundays kids are allowed to run the bases after the game. 

So, following the O's loss to the Red Sox, which was the only down thing about the entire trip, we waited around for Shawn to do his thing.  Shea and Shawn are shown here waiting in the line leading down to the ball field where the kids were let onto the field to run the bases.  Shea tried to sneak his way onto the field along with Shawn but an usher deemed him too old and Shawn able enough to make his way around the bases unassisted.

Unfortunately for Shawn, when it came time for him to make his move, he got behind some young toddlers and didn't get to do much actual running.  Still, he was cool with the experience and the opportunity to go out onto the field.
No He Is Not Texting; He Was Filming His Trip Around the Bases

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