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Monday, June 26, 2017

Big Bob Little Bob

Speaking of Bob Seger (previous post) I had a couple in Buzzy's Country Store the other day and they argued over who is the Big Bob and who is the Little Bob.  They were referring to Dylan and Seger.  Here is how their exchange went down.

Night Moves was playing on the radio and as they approached the counter, the lady teased her husband "There's your Little Bob."  To which the husband replied "No, he's the Big Bob.  Your guy is the Little Bob."

I placed their items in a bag and as the lady handed me money to pay for their purchases I said to them "That's a tough one.  But I got to agree that Dylan's the Big Bob."   She elbowed her husband and said "See, I told you so."  The husband just laughed and said "No.  You're both wrong.  My guy is the Big Bob.  Your guy is the Little Bob."

As they left Buzzy's still disagreeing, it made me wonder just how many times they had had this discussion.  Probably every time a "Bob" song was played. 

Thru my blogging years I've done numerous Dylan-related posts but only a few featuring "The Other Bob."  Did you know that he wrote this song about Jane Fonda?  (Guess she's got to be the Big Jane right, because there aren't too many other famous Jane's around (click here to find some if, like me, you couldn't think of anyone other than Jane Austen.)

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