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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The World Isn't Flat

When Buzzy and I flew to South Africa many years ago, it was then the longest flight (New York to Johannesburg 16 hours.)  Currently there are several other flights that are longer and the NY-Joburg trip now ranks 14th longest (click here.)

Once we were in South Africa and processing thru customs, I got to talking to a Brit about how long the flight was and commented "I had no idea South Africa stretched out so far south."  The Brit replied "Well, you have Mr. Mercator to thank for that." 

I didn't know what he was talking about at the time but wrote Mercator in my notebook to research later.  Turns out that Merctor was the dude who came up with the world map (below) that we have been staring at in classrooms everywhere for years (click here.)
But like Bob said "The times they are a changing." New world maps are on the scene and they present things a little clearer and differently, e.g. the following depiction:
Good article here on different world maps including the following one known as the Winkel map (click here:)
When Did Winkie Start Designing Maps?
Trippy Maroon 5 "Maps" video follows but got to warn you that it's depressing.  Suggest you take your happy pill or drink another cup of coffee before watching:

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