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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Waltons - Ike Godsey's Store

A visitor to Buzzy's Country Store a couple years ago told me that it reminded her of Godsey's Store in the Waltons.  Since I had never watched The Waltons, I was not familiar with the reference to Godsey's Store. 

When another visitor to Buzzy's, just the other day, made the same comparison/reference to Godsey's Store, I figured I should try and find out a little bit more about it. 

I did a little digging and found the following.  First, check out the following account on the origins of how Godsey's Store came to be in the show:
I found this photo of the S and H Store before it burned and was replaced with the C&P Market:


 Joe Conley was the actor who played Ike Godsey.  This is a nice video about him and how he came to be on the show.  (If you want to skip the bio material, the Store itself is discussed at the 4:00 mark:)

Here's a video with some photos of Godsey and his store.

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