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Saturday, May 27, 2017


It is that time of year again when snakes are on the move and one hears stories of folks being bitten by them.  It reminded me of a Buzzy's Country Store incident involving a copperhead snake.  The story made the Enterprise as follows:
I recall seeing this story in the paper and telephoned Buzzy to ask him about it.  He told me that, contrary to the explanation given by Tim's Mom in the article, Timmy had recognized the snake and was trying to shoo it away when it bit him.  "Everybody tried to tell him to leave that damn thing alone,"  Buzzy noted.

But as crazy as that snake bite story was, Jason Babcock has one that is even crazier.  

As I was looking through the Enterprise archives for the above story about Timmy at Buzzy's, I found this one (below) by Jason who got bit twice by the same snake!
http://stmalib.archivalweb.com ( click here scroll down)

Steve Earle video, while not exactly about snakes, has the title and is worth a look/listen:

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