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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Santorini Of Course

A friend of ours is currently in Santorini and posting all sorts of photos of her visit there.  It inspired me to dig out some photos I took when Pam and I visited there in 2010.  We were on a cruise ship with several family and friends.  Instead of booking one of the cruise ship's tours,  we decided in Santorini to book a private tour of the place.  Shown here is our little group posing with the tour guide Nikos Sirigos to the far right.  He told some incredible story of having been raised in one of the caves when he was a young boy.

From L-R Linda, JoJo, Couple We Met Along the Way, Pat, Pam, Darla and Nikos

Looks Like Wedding Bells

Jo Jo Pointing Out THE Spot To Propose

Pam and Pat on the Black Sands Beach

Darla Getting Her Feet Wet

Our Waiter Showing Off Our Lunch Dubbed The Black Obama
A question I always like to ask of world travelers is "Where have you been that you would like to go back to?"  A young lady once answered me like it was a stupid question when she replied "Santorini of course."  That answer has always stuck in my mind.

When I looked for our tour guide's name online, I found this video he has made touting his wedding services. In addition to being an excellent overview of Santorini, it also has some nice songs accompanying it starting at the 3:20 mark.

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