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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Letters from Nam

Speaking of Viet Nam (in my previous post,) it reminded me that I have a stash of letters written by my brother Steve to Mom and Dad when he was stationed in Viet Nam in the late 60's. Mom gave me the letters several weeks ago as part of her cleaning out of things. She said she couldn't bring herself to toss the letters and thought that I might want them. The letters are short but newsy little updates from Steve such as the three that I have included here:

Dear Mom, Got your letters and got some more letters. After the big move everything came at once. My address hasn’t changed. Only the Company as I am now in B Co instead of C Co. So address them just like always except to B Co. I am driving a truck now and I got it made because all I do is drive the Sgt. out to the job site and back in. The rest of the time I just sit in the truck and answer the radio. I am getting in good with the Sgt. doing a little brown nosing and I am going up for Spec 4 next month how about that. That means more money. They call me Rye gell instead of Ridgell so now its Sugar Bear cause they know I am brown nosing the Sgt. I don’t care what they call me just so I do the least amount of work and make the most money. That’s not brown nosing that’s just smarts. I am glad that Anna liked the poem. So I wrote one for you too, hope you like it. Well that’s about it for now hope to hear from you soon. Sugar Bear

How’s it going at your end? Over here things are the same. Working hard making little money, eating powered eggs and living high on the hog. My truck has been Deadlined because of the rear end and so for the past two days I been doing nothin but writing letters. Well how is Dickie. I hear he is not doing well. And what is Lee F. doing other than nothing. I bet nothing much. I been thinking about staying here an extra six months. But at the end of my tour I’ll come home and then come back here again and do the six months. But chances are I won’t have it as good as I got it now. I really feel like I’m getting something over on Sam. Well things have been quiet as Chuck and the boys haven’t been bothering us. Only that one time before New Years. And that was just three B40 rockets. Well keep me informed about Dickie’s health and remember God’s watching so give him a good show. (That’s what our Capt. Says every morning before we go to work.) Steve

Dear Dad,
What’s happening at the Country Store? Everybody’s been writing and telling me about the room you built. I just finished doing my monthly chores. My hutch is pretty cool. Me and another fellow have fixed it up good. Rugs on the floor, a big spotlight that’s got a red bulb in it. My stereo and we got a refrigerator from a Lt. who was going home. So our bunker is pretty nice. It’s got all the comforts of home. Plus they are building an eleven thousand dollar PX here and they have built two clubs one for the Ems and one for the Lifers. We also are supposed to get a Bath House and a Steam Bath run by Madam K (whores) so if Nixon is getting us out by 72 these gooks are going to be living in style. Well take it easy.  Steve

Did you know that the Queen of England served more time in the military than all of the members of the Trump family combined have?
Then again Trump has a rationalization for how he spent his draft age years:
Lots of Viet Nam songs to choose from.  Here is probably the most famous one:

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