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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Great Storm of 1933

Mentioning 33 reminded me of something the old timers in Buzzy's Country Store often talked about when the subject of naming hurricanes came up - the Great Storm of 1933.  It was a hurricane no doubt about it they said.  However, because the naming of hurricanes did not start until 1953, whatever hit us in 33 is known simply as The Great Storm of 33.  

I found a 29 September 1933 St. Mary's Beacon with a couple stories about the Storm but they were not too legible.  (If you care to try and decipher them (click here.) 

However, I do have my copy of  Mr. Clarence Bradburn's account of the 1933 Storm in his book Some Important People and Events of St. Mary's.

Also, found this video on the Storm and how the Ocean City inlet was created by the 33 Storm:
Rodney Crowell and Emmylou doing Bob's take on it:

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