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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gary/Lucky Lobster/Soca Music

Went to a dinner party the other night and caught up with Gary McKay.  He was back home for a few weeks taking a break from his businesses in Belize.  (I have previously discussed Gary's Belize operations in this Buzzyblog post (click here.) ) 

Here is a photo of Gary and yours truly at the dinner party.  (Please note that, even as a Ridge Boy, I don't wear a ball cap to a dinner party.  Gary gave all of us several Lucky Lobster Bar souvenir items including the hat along with this shot glass and a cozi that I am showing off here.    To learn more about the Lucky Lobster (click here.) 
Here is a closer look at the Lucky Lobster hat.  The location is Hopkins a coastal town located on the south east side of Belize.
Thank you, Gary!
Music-wise Belizians are into a reggae/hip hop style of music known as Soca.  Here is a sample for you.

I also landed on this video that features the Lucky Lobster. You should be able to recognize Gary.

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